Wallpapering Essentials

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Zinsser Paper Tiger

Aids Wallpaper removal

£15.99 inc VAT

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Harris Paperhanging brush 9inch

Ideal for hanging wallpaper

£3.99 inc VAT

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Bartoline Wallpaper Adhesive

Available in 5 roll pack, 10 roll and 30 roll pack, Price from 30 roll pack

£4.49 inc VAT

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Harris Hardboard Paste Table

Light Duty Paste Table

£12.99 inc VAT

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Harris Large Decorators Sponge

Harris large decorators sponge

£1.20 inc VAT

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Bartoline Border Overlap Adhesive

Bartoline Extra Strong Border/Overlap Adhesive, Available in 500g, 1KG, Price from 1KG

£5.49 inc VAT

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Harris T-Class W Leg Paste Table

Professional use paste table

£49.99 inc VAT

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Bartoline Wallpaper Stripper 500ml

Wallpaper stripper

£3.49 inc VAT

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Harris Wallpaper TRIMMING WHEEL Tsak

for precise cutting of wallpaper

£2.99 inc VAT

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Frogtape Low Tack 36mm x 41.1M

Delicate surface masking tape

£7.99 inc VAT

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Harris Versatile Plastic Paste Table

Harris Versatile plastic paste table. Folds up conveniently with carry slot handle.

£34.99 inc VAT

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Bartoline Ready Mixed Wallcovering Adhesive

Available in 2.5KG, 5KG, 10KG, Price from 10KG

£18.99 inc VAT

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