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Cent M6 x 70mm ZP Roofing Bolts pack of 3

M6 x 70mm ZP Roofing Bolts (Pack of 3)

£1.49 inc VAT

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blue PRO-FINISH Twin Roller Kit

(1 Tray, 2 Medium pile, 1 Blue Frame)

£9.99 inc VAT

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TileRite Non-Slip Tile Drill

used for drilling ceramic tiles and glass

£5.49 inc VAT

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SupaHome Hat and Coat Rack with 3 Hooks

290 x 65 x 12mm. Chrome plated hooks.

£5.99 inc VAT

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TileRite Washboy Float

Removes grout after tile instalation

£8.49 inc VAT

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Harris Ultimate Stain & Varnish Paint Brush 1.5inch (38mm)

Even Finish Guaranteed No Bristle Loss. For use with all stains and varnishes. SUGGESTED USE

£3.49 inc VAT

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blue PRO-TECT Hard Floor Protector 25m x 60cm

Pro-tect hard floors and worktops for up to 4 weeks

£15.99 inc VAT

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Harris Seriously Good Masonry Roller Set 9inch

For painting rough and very rough surfaces. Brush is Guaranteed No Bristle Loss*

£8.75 inc VAT

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Securit 75mm Steel Butt Hinge

£2.25 inc VAT

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Securit Antique Numeral 9

75mm Black antique numeral '9'

£2.29 inc VAT

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