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Seriously Good Shed & Fence Paint Brush 5inch

Guaranteed No Bristle Loss* For use with exterior shed and fence paints. SUGGESTED USE

£9.99 inc VAT

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Harris Pad & Handle Taskmasters Medium

For quick decorating with litle mess.

£3.49 inc VAT

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Harris Super CR 3inch brush

Harris Super CR 1" brush made from 100% DuPont Chinex filament.

£9.49 inc VAT

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Japanese Stainless Steel Wallpaper Scissors

These professional wallpaper shears feature a precision ground, ultra sharp blade.

£21.22 inc VAT

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Securit Antique Numeral 2

75mm Black antique numeral '2'

£1.99 inc VAT

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HG Bathroom Liquid Drain Unblocker 1L

HG liquid drain unblocker is very safe.

£4.49 inc VAT

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HG Interior Chandelier Spray Cleaner 500ml

HG chandelier spray cleaner is a fast-working manual spray cleaner that is safely and effectively

£7.49 inc VAT

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63Seriously Good Paperhanging Sponge

Maximum water holding capacity. SUGGESTED USE

£6.99 inc VAT

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Securit Rosa Lock Chrome

170mm Rosa chrome lock handles

£13.49 inc VAT

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Seriously Good Cotton Dust Sheet 3.6m x 2.75m

Polythene backed cotton mix dustsheet for reduced seepage.

£15.99 inc VAT

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Harris Paint & Paste Stirrer

The Harris paint & paste stirrer is an essential tool for anybody who regualry finds themselv

£0.99 inc VAT

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HG Bathroom Duo Unblocker 500ml

HG duo unblocker

£10.99 inc VAT

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