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Scrumptious is a colour from Crown's feature wall series.

£14.99 inc VAT

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Harris Speed Wipes

for cleaning wet paint from hands

£2.99 inc VAT

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Harris Frame Double Arm 12 inch

Professional roller frame

£5.70 inc VAT

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Handy Saw

Only available for collection from store

£3.99 inc VAT

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Please notify me when this product is back in stock.

red Fold Flat Respirators Triple Pack FFP3

These respirators are of an FFP2 standard, which means they filter out 94% of airborne particles.

£5.99 inc VAT

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Harris Pad & Handle Taskmasters Medium

For quick decorating with litle mess.

£3.49 inc VAT

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HG Terracotta Wax Natural 1L

HG terracotta wax natural (HG product 82) is a protective, easy to apply wax for all types of cot

£12.25 inc VAT

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Harris Easy reach roller

For use with emulsion paints and extends to 0.9M

£7.99 inc VAT

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Securit Wardrobe Centre Bracket CP

19mm Centre brackets chrome plated

£1.99 inc VAT

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Flexovit Detail Sanding (95X145) 50Grit Hook/Loop

High performance Aluminium Oxide for use on a variety of surfaces

£2.99 inc VAT

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Pro-Finish Tack Cloth (Pack of 12)

Use this treated, sticky cloth just before painting to remove any fine sanding dust.

£12.00 inc VAT

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Harris Lining Fitch 1inch

A fine detail brush with a pure bristle

£2.49 inc VAT

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